Green Energy Monitor

Number of development sites: 4

Site PlaceSite DescriptionSite Location
PlovdivWind generator development42.129, 24.787
SofiaWind turbine development42.696, 23.333
VarnaH-blades turbine prototyping43.211, 27.911
KarlovoSpiral turbine prototyping42.637, 24.806

Number of monitored sites connected: 3

Site NameSite DescriptionSite Location
BelmekenFast speed spiral turbine at 1860m altitude42.107112, 23.79444
Kozya StenaFuture installation at 1562m altitude42.785451, 24.529363
ShablaLow speed H-Blades turbine at 64m altitude43.608059, 28.434704

Number of users connected: 2

WatchingUser AgentUser Location
BelmekenChrome 107.0.0 / Windows 7.0.0Plovdiv, BG, EU
ShablaChrome 106.0.0 / Windows 10.0.0Plovdiv, BG, EU

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